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  • TheWiSpy vs XnSpy – A Comparison Between the Best Android Spy Apps

    TheWiSpy vs XnSpy – A Comparison Between the Best Android Spy Apps

    While picking up an Android spy program, people confuse whether to choose TheWiSpy or XnSpy. We must say, both these spyware apps have premium quality spying features and robust functionality.

    Every passing day introduces us to new technological evolutions. Since the invention of smartphones, it has become effortless to contact people around the globe. But, cell phone independence has given sociopaths and lunatics a chance to manipulate or harass people online. As a result, the cases of cyberbullying, infidelity, and online predation are increasing every day. And the reason is internet and cell phone freedom.

    Android spy apps help people spy on their kids, spouse, and business partners. Today, the most potent Android spy competitors are TheWiSpy and XnSpy.

    Android spy apps help people spy on their kids, spouse, and business partners. Today, the most potent Android spy competitors are TheWiSpy and XnSpy.

    So, who is the no. 1 Android spy app?

    In this spy app review, we are going to explain TheWiSpy and XnSpy apps in detail. So read on to discover TheWiSpy and XnSpy in terms of performance, features, compatibility, pricing, and more.

    Let’s get the review started.

    TheWiSpy v.s XnSpy – A Comparison Between the Best Android Spy Apps:

    In the Android spy app world, XnSpy is a well-known brand for delivering monitoring solutions, including parental controls and employee surveillance tools. The launch of TheWiSpy app has recently given tough competition to almost every top Android monitoring app together with XnSpy.

    Following is the list of elements that we will compare in this article:


    TheWiSpy Introduction

    XnSpy Introduction


    TheWiSpy Performance

    XnSpy Performance

    App Features

    TheWiSpy Features

    XnSpy Features


    TheWiSpy Installation

    XnSpy Installation

    Supported Devices

    TheWiSpy Supported Devices

    XnSpy Supported Devices

    Subscription Plans

    TheWiSpy Subscription Plans

    XnSpy Subscription Plans


    Keep in mind that both these Android spyware apps, TheWiSpy and XnSpy, are today’s top brands. So the most robust features could declare one as the best Android spy app of the year.

    Let’s begin.

    Introduction – What are Spy Apps?

    Mobile spy apps are versatile digital tools designed to fetch information from smartphones and tablets. As the word spy indicates, Android spy apps let you spy on activities happening on someone’s cell phone or tablet. Spyware apps are introduced in the digital world to help people track their loved ones online and save their businesses from frauds and scams. So yes, a mobile spy app is an angel in disguise to help worried people secure their families and businesses.

    Let’s see what TheWiSpy and XnSpy have to offer.

    TheWiSpy Mobile Monitoring App:

    TheWiSpy is a secure and trustworthy Android spyware. It delivers reliable spying tools like call recording, SMS monitoring, GPS tracking, camera controls, and so forth.

    As per the SiteJabber website, TheWiSpy app has gained a 4-star rating out of 5. It has got pretty excellent reviews from its customers. Sitejabber also revealed that TheWiSpy falls at 8th position among the top 8th Activity tracker websites. In terms of services, TheWiSpy delivers tools for parental monitoring, kids’ tracking, and staff surveillance. However, customers find it a handy app to track cell phones and back up personal data.

    TheWiSpy is hidden mobile monitoring spyware, making it easier to spy on Android devices without leaving a clue.

    XnSpy Cell Phone Spy App:

    The XnSpy mobile spy app has been a solid competitor to other phone monitoring programs for many years. It has made its position as the best cell phone monitoring program, and its users trust the app blindly. XnSpy features list is extensive, allowing you to use the app for either employee surveillance or kids’ tracking. On SiteJabber, the XnSpy app has attained a 3.27-star rating out of 5, which is pretty good. XnSpy website is also ranked as the world’s 5th surveillance site.

    The XnSpy functionality is simple, you need to purchase the license, and you’re all set to enjoy its luxury features.

    How Does Mobile Spyware Perform?

    Mobile spyware is designed to fetch digital information from the device on which the spyware is installed. Cell phone spy apps secretly record stored media and imitate ongoing digital activities. The recorded data is then transferred to an online server. Thus, the end-user can monitor detailed smartphone and tablet activity. Every spy app provides its user with a cloud-based control panel. The control panel gives access to the spied data and enables the user to control digital activities with remote commands.

    In the spyware industry, two terms are frequently used; the end-user and the target user. End-user is a person who wants to spy on someone’s mobile phone or tablet. In comparison, the target user is the one whose device is getting monitored. For instance, if you install a spyware app on your child’s phone, you will be the end-user, and your child will be the target user.

    TheWiSpy Functionality:

    In a very little time, TheWiSpy has gained enough popularity to go worldwide. Today, spyware has happy clients from all over the world. And there is only one reason that makes TheWiSpy stand out in the international spy app market: its robust functionality.

    TheWiSpy is a clean and seamless Android spy app. From installation to dashboard activity, everything is so smooth that anyone can operate this Android spyware.

    TheWiSpy offers real-time monitoring for parental, corporate, and personal use. The word real-time here means that you can get live updates on the target’s cell phone activities and spy on live digital activities.

    TheWiSpy app requires installation on the target device. Note that spyware apps like TheWiSpy are only available on their authentic website. You can’t get or install TheWiSpy from Google Play Store.

    Once installed and configured, TheWiSpy secretly interacts with the OS of the target device; that makes it record the cyber actions instantly. Then, TheWiSpy sends all the fetched data to its control panel. Thus, the end-user has complete access to the control panel. Being the end-user, you can watch the target device activity anytime, anywhere. Of course, you can hide TheWiSpy app icon as well to conceal its functionality.

    XnSpy Functionality:

    The XnSpy app has some special mobile monitoring and tracking capabilities. It delivers top-notch cell phone and tablet monitoring features that excel its functionality. XnSpy delivers all the spying tools that any best Android spy app would offer. In addition, it is a hidden spyware app, which means that no one can detect the presence of the XnSpy app on their phone or tablet. The cherry on top, XnSpy gives remote access to the target device, enabling the end-user to remove/install an app, read text conversations, and listen to surroundings remotely. You don’t need to touch your target phone if you have installed the XnSpy app on it.

    But, for installation, you require one-off access to the target device. Don’t worry; it only takes 4-5 minutes to install the XnSpy app. The minute the XnSpy app starts working on your target device; it initiates data recording immediately. So, you can get as much spied data as possible in minimum time.

    Top Features of Spyware Apps:

    Both TheWiSpy and XnSpy apps have some outstanding spying features to offer. In terms of monitoring features, spyware apps offer call recording, text message spying, GPS tracking, screen recording, and other standard spying tools.

    But, which one is the no. 1 Android spy app?

    Let’s find out.

    TheWiSpy Features – A Complete Set of Spying Tools:

    TheWiSpy app’s features enable real-time monitoring for those who want instant spying outcomes. Its customer support team is online round the clock to help customers with queries and technical issues. Moreover, TheWiSpy app fetches mobile activities and allows you to monitor device information such as network carrier, IMEI number, battery status, and OS version. Another fantastic quality of TheWiSpy app is its live demo. You can simply go to TheWiSpy’s website and test the demo app before buying it.

    Now, let’s have a look at the excellent spying tools of TheWiSpy.

    GPS Tracking:

    TheWiSpy GPS tracker can locate any Android phone with a few clicks. It follows GPS technology and constantly records the live location of the target device. For example, you can use TheWiSpy GPS tracker to locate your employee, kids, or lost cell phones.

    With TheWiSpy GPS tracking feature, you can;

    • Monitor your target’s live location.
    • View visited places details with dates and time stamps.
    • Watch the location history of past days.
    • Track Wi-Fi-based locations.

    TheWiSpy GPS tracking feature is so good that it can help you monitor a visited place’s entry and exit time in real-time. So you can monitor the live pinpoints of your loved ones without letting them know.

    Screen Recording:

    TheWiSpy screen recorder can tape ongoing screen activities, making you aware of the online presence of your target user. With TheWiSpy, every keystroke, tap, and scroll get recorded in a video form and transferred to the control panel for monitoring.

    Here is what you can do with the screen recording feature;

    • Monitor social media activity.
    • Spy on instant messengers, i.e. WhatsApp, Skype, Line, etc.
    • Track browsing history and app activity.
    • Watch call details and SMS history.

    The screen recording feature of the TWS app is an all-in-one spying tool that can cover every aspect of digital spying. In addition, it delivers detailed reports on cyber activities.

    Screenshot Capturing:

    TheWiSpy app provides its user with remote access enabling them to capture screenshots of target screens. You can click random screenshots and monitor the snaps whenever you find the time. It is entirely a remote feature that users can control via TheWiSpy online dashboard.

    Screenshot capturing enables you to;

    • Capture text chats instantly.
    • Send remote commands to take screenshots.
    • Get insights on digital activities.
    • Monitor social media presence.

    The screenshot monitoring feature allows you to peek into your target screens instantly. Whenever you find your kid or employee glued to their cell phones, you can take a screenshot with random commands and see what they are doing online.

    SMS Spying:

    Everybody is looking for an SMS spy app, and TheWiSpy delivers the advanced text message spy feature. The TWS text message spy enables the end-user to monitor and read all sent and received SMS; it also allows blocking messages from certain persons.

    Using TheWiSpy SMS spy app, you can;

    • Read incoming and outgoing SMS chats.
    • Monitor phone contacts.
    • Block text messages from specific people.
    • View dates and timestamps of text chats.

    TheWiSpy SMS monitoring is a great tool to read text messages of company-owned cell phones and kids’ smart devices. In addition, the text message tracker app stays hidden, leaving no clue about its activity.

    Phone Call Recording:

    The phone call recording feature of TheWiSpy app is a luxury feature. It tapes all incoming and outgoing calls and uploads all the recorded audio files on an online dashboard.

    Call recording is the best way to spy on someone’s routine activities. You can record phone calls on your child’s device or your employee’s cell phone with TheWiSpy app.

    Here is what more you can do with the call recording feature;

    • Listen to phone calls secretly.
    • View missed call details.
    • Monitor contacts list.
    • Block phone numbers and restrict phone calls.

    Using TheWiSpy call recorder, you can view call duration along with dates and timestamps. The brilliant quality is that you don’t have to root the phone to record phone calls.

    Contacts Monitoring:

    Users of TheWiSpy app can quickly get the contact details of their target device. TheWiSpy copies the complete address book and uploads it on the control panel; users can block or remove contacts. Also, you can download the contact list to monitor it further.

    Contacts monitoring feature enables you;

    • Monitor saved contacts.
    • Track name and number of target device’s phone book.
    • Extract email of saved contacts.
    • Block or restrict contacts from the target device’s phone book.

    Monitoring saved contacts is a must when you are a parent raising teenagers or an employer with a bunch of staff.

    Call History Tracking:

    If you worry about who is in contact with your growing kid, then TheWiSpy call history tracking feature is for you. Using TheWiSpy spyware, you can monitor the whole call history with dates, timestamps, and contact information.

    Let’s see what else you can do with this feature;

    • Monitor inbound and outbound call details.
    • View call durations.
    • Track calls with dates and timestamps.
    • Monitor frequent callers’ details.

    TheWiSpy call history tracker app helps you monitor contacts that frequently call your target device. Moreover, you can download the call history report from TheWiSpy dashboard for the record.


    What people ask from the best Android spy app is a fully functional keylogging feature. TheWiSpy keylogger helps you monitor the keystrokes of your target device; you can view typed queries, text messages, and more with this feature. The primary function of a keylogger app is to record every keyboard activity and save it for monitoring.

    With TheWiSpy keylogger app, you can;

    • Monitor target device’s keystrokes.
    • View typed queries.
    • Read typed text messages.
    • Get updates on keyboard activity.

    From search bar keystrokes to text message typing, TheWiSpy keylogger fetches all the details. It enables you to track keyboard activity in real-time. You can also create a blacklist of phrases and words and receive instant alerts when such content is triggered.

    App Monitoring:

    TheWiSpy app monitoring is an elite approach to view which apps are used mainly by your kids or employees. Children spend much time on apps like PubG, CounterStrike, etc. also, employees drain their work hours using social media or other entertainment apps. You can monitor app activity and block inappropriate apps from your target device in seconds.

    Here is what you can do with app monitoring spyware;

    • Monitor installed apps.
    • View app activity.
    • Delete or block improper apps.
    • Track frequently used apps.

    TheWiSpy app monitoring feature constantly records app usage and delivers complete reporting on daily app activity. It is best to restrict dating apps and adult games from kids’ phones.

    Spy Camera:

    The spy camera feature is designed to capture photos and record videos from the target device camera; it enables the end-user to control the camera with remote commands. The remote spy camera can help you monitor the surroundings of your target user by capturing the environment.

    Let’s see what you can do with remote camera spy;

    • Take control of your target person’s phone camera.
    • Capture photos using the target device’s camera.
    • Record short videos to monitor surroundings.
    • Save captured media to an online dashboard.

    TheWiSpy app acts as your secret spy agent. Instead of following your target everywhere, you can just take control of their mobile/tablet camera and discover everything happening around them.

    Surround Recording:

    For kids’ tracking, especially when your children are teenagers, the surround recording feature comes in handy to help parents monitor the surrounding environment of their kids. TheWiSpy surround recording feature lets you control the target device’s microphone and turn on ambient recording whenever you want.

    Here is what you can do with the surround recording feature;

    • Activate the microphone remotely.
    • Listen to the ambient recordings anytime.
    • Download the surround recording audio files from the TWS dashboard
    • Discover the chit chats and background conversations secretly.

    The need for a surround recording app rises with increasing cases of sexual assault, infidelity, and business scams. Parents can use this tool to ensure their kids are in a safe place. Spouses can catch if their partner is cheating, and businesses can discover if their employees are meeting with the competitors. It is an all-in-one spy tool.

    Multimedia Monitoring:

    Photos, videos, and audio files of a digital device tell a lot about a person. You can guess digital activity just by viewing the media gallery of your child or employee. It is an easy spy tool that helps curious parents discover if their kids watch improper media online.

    • Monitor photos captured from the camera.
    • Watch recorded/downloaded video files.
    • Listen to sound recordings.
    • Download media to your device via control.

    TheWiSpy multimedia monitoring feature records all the multimedia files, including; videos, photos, audios, and documents. You can view saved, downloaded, and shared media with such a spy tool.

    Voice Message Recording:

    Suppose you ever wonder how to listen to the voice messages of someone. In that case, you must try TheWiSpy voice message recording feature. It records every sent or received voice note and sends the file directly to the online dashboard.

    Let’s see what you can do by using this feature.

    • Listen to the sent and received voice note.
    • Monitor timestamps and dates of the voice notes.
    • Listen to IMs’ voice notes.
    • Download voice notes from the dashboard.

    Using a voice message recording app is an advanced approach to monitor kids or track employee activity. It not only delivers the voice notes but enables you to know with whom your kid or employee talks behind your back.


    Android spy apps have advanced their functionality with the integration of geofencing and GPS tracking features. Almost every cell phone spy app offers a location tracking facility. Still, some rare apps like TheWiSpy allow geofencing with high-end mobile tracking capabilities.

    The following are some tracking actions you can do with TheWiSpy app;

    • Monitor GPS location.
    • Restrict unsafe zones and mark them as danger zones.
    • Receive instant alerts on entry of danger zones.
    • View complete location history with timestamps and dates.

    Geofencing is an upper-class tool to provide every minute detail on whereabouts. You can just set some specified zones that you want to monitor, and TheWiSpy will provide you details related to that.

    Memos/Notes Monitoring:

    There is not a single digital data that TheWiSpy skips to record. For example, memos and notes are like cyber journals on our mobile devices. Therefore, TheWiSpy can record memo activity and let the end-user view all the files saved in that folder.

    Using TheWiSpy memos tracking, here is what you can do;

    • Monitor saved notes.
    • Hear voice memos.
    • Track reminders.
    • Track memos and notes with dates and timestamps.

    TheWiSpy memo or reminder tracking allows you to check upcoming events or written notes saved on your target device with complete secrecy.

    Wi-Fi History Tracking:

    Public Wi-Fi networks are almost available anywhere you go. Kids do connect their phones with public networks. TheWiSpy can record Wi-Fi history to enable parents to discover the visited places by their children. Also, employers can use such a tool to check if their staff members visited someplace other than the office during work hours.

    Using TheWiSpy Wi-Fi history tracker, you can;

    • Monitor Wi-Fi logs.
    • View details of the visited places.
    • Track the name of the connected Wi-Fi connection.
    • View connected networks along with timestamps and dates.

    TheWiSpy delivers complete details on connected Wi-Fi networks. You can get the visited place’s name via Wi-Fi connection and get details about it using the internet.

    Calendar Dates Tracking:

    TheWiSpy calendar monitoring provides you with all details of saved calendar dates and upcoming market events. It is the best tool to spy on someone’s routine.

    Using calendar tracking, you can;

    • Monitor calendar activity.
    • View marked dates.
    • Discover upcoming events.
    • Track schedules and meetings.

    Parents whose kids hide their routine can use this feature and spy on their plans and schedules. For corporate use, calendar monitoring can help businesses know the upcoming meetings and other programs made by employees.

    XnSpy Features – All-Inclusive Array of Tracking Tools:

    XnSpy is known for delivering state-of-the-art features for multipurpose spying requirements. Parents, teachers, businesses all can use the XnSpy app for digital monitoring. Apart from its quality features, XnSpy allows you to track device information, lock target devices, and wipe out data remotely. Its customer support is live 24/7. You can get your queries answered anytime you want. Furthermore, XnSpy allows you to test its live app demo for a better understanding of the app.

    Continue reading, and get details on exclusive XnSpy features.

    IMs Screen Recording:

    XnSpy has recently introduced a screen recording feature. It allows the users to record instant messenger chats of the target device. The IMs screen recorder of XnSpy actively tapes the instant messenger windows. Then, it sends all the recordings to an online control panel; you can watch instant messenger activity from there.

    XnSpy IMs screen recorder helps you to;

    • View instant messenger activity.
    • Read instant messenger messages.
    • Track Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and more.
    • Spy on calls dialed or received via instant messengers.

    XnSpy screen recorder app is now available only for Android devices. Moreover, unlike a complete screen recording app, it only allows you to monitor instant messengers and not other mobile activities.

    Call Logs Monitoring:

    With the XnSpy app, there is no phone call of the target device that goes out of your notice. It records the call history along with caller details. You can track missed calls, dialed calls, and received calls proficiently.

    XnSpy call logs tracker lets you;

    • Monitor call logs history.
    • View incoming, outgoing, and missed call details.
    • Track caller contact information.
    • Check call duration and most frequent callers.

    XnSpy call logs tracking delivers complete insights on the calling activity of the target device. It provides users with a complete report on daily calls along with dates, timestamps, and duration. You can view the top 5 frequent callers as well.

    Address-book Tracking:

    Parents who notice the unusual calling habits of their kids desperately want to know with whom their children talk. And, the best way to track someone’s phone contacts is using the XnSpy app. It replicates the whole contact list of the target device and shows it to an online dashboard.

    With the address-book tracking feature, you can;

    • View all contacts saved on the target device.
    • Monitor name, number, and email addresses.
    • Discover your target’s friend circle.
    • Identify frequent callers.

    The phone address book is like a digital directory, and you can access it with the XnSpy app. In addition, the contacts monitoring feature is beneficial if you want to get details of a specific contact saved on your target device.

    Text Message Monitoring:

    Here comes the most demanding feature, the text message tracker. XnSpy allows its users to read text messages that their target device sends or receives. It immediately copies the text messages and uploads the chat on an online dashboard. You can simply read the text chats using this feature.

    Using XnSpy text message monitor, you can;

    • Read sent and received text messages.
    • Monitor draft and deleted text messages.
    • Check the contact details.
    • View dates and timestamps of text messages.

    Text message monitoring allows you to read everything saved in the text message inbox of your target device. In addition, you can retrieve deleted chats because XnSpy continuously records messages in real-time.

    GPS Location Tracking:

    The XnSpy app offers an ultimate GPS location tracking that can trace the active location of a target device very proficiently. For parents, XnSpy is an excellent tool to track the whereabouts of kids. Not only for parents, but XnSpy also helps employers track their staff location anytime, anywhere.

    Here are some actions you can do with this quality feature;

    • Track real-time whereabouts.
    • Monitor all visited places.
    • View routes and location logs.
    • Spy on dates and timestamps.

    XnSpy app remotely tracks the whereabouts and informs the end-user about the location history of the target device. It also delivers comprehensive reports on latitude, longitude, and street addresses.


    Geofencing allows you to fence certain localities using a digital map. Every smart device has an electronic map installed on it. XnSpy geofencing enables you to mark safe and unsafe localities and tag them as allowed or prohibited zones. In addition, the XnSpy app will send you instant alerts if your target device enters a prohibited area.

    Here are some actions you can do with the XnSpy geofencing feature;

    • Mark geo localities.
    • Tag zones as safe and unsafe areas.
    • Get details on location history.
    • Receive instant alerts on boundary entry and exit.

    Geofencing is a tracking approach everyone wants nowadays. Parents keep their kids secure with geofencing while employers ensure their staff’s whereabouts using such a fantastic tool.

    Email Monitoring:

    For businesses, email monitoring is a valuable feature. XnSpy app helps you track emails (sent or received) of your target device. It also enables you to view attached files, text, and contact information remotely.

    Using the XnSpy email tracking tool, you can;

    • Track sent and received emails.
    • View email IDs of the sender.
    • Track dates and timestamps of emails.
    • Check text, multimedia, and attached documents.

    XnSpy email tracker is designed to extract emails from the target’s ID. It continuously records inbound and outbound emails and saves the files on an online control panel. It gives you complete access to view your target’s email inbox remotely.

    Browsing History Tracking:

    The Internet has many things to explore. And browsing the history tracker of the XnSpy app allows you to keep an eye on the search habits of your kids and employees. Using the XnSpy app, users can get complete details on browsing history along with dates and timestamps.

    • Monitor all visited websites.
    • Track frequently visited URLs.
    • View bookmarked websites.
    • Check dates and timestamps of browsing history.

    XnSpy enables parents to explore the browsing habits of their kids. At the same time, employers can benefit from this app by keeping an eye on the search behavior of their employees.

    Phone Call Recording:

    The elite quality of XnSpy is that it automatically initiates call recording whenever the target cell phone dials or receives a call. All the received and dialed calls get recorded by this fantastic spyware. XnSpy records high-quality audio files of inbound and outbound phone calls; all the files are transferred to an online control panel. Hence, the end-user can remotely listen to phone call recordings whenever the time is available.

    Using the call recording tool, you can;

    • Record inbound and outbound calls.
    • Listen to the recorded calls secretly.
    • View contact details, call duration, and dates.
    • Download recorded phone call audio files from the dashboard to your device.

    With the XnSpy app, you don’t have to send commands every time you see your target on a phone call. Instead, you can sit back and spy because the app automatically starts recording calls and lets you know when the recorded files are uploaded on the dashboard.

    Surround Recording:

    Slumber parties and secret meetings are the primary concern that threatens parents regarding their teens’ security. The surround recording feature of XnSpy allows parents to utilize the remote commands and activate the target device’s microphone. You can find out where your target user is. Likewise, it is an excellent feature for businesses.

    XnSpy surround recording helps you to;

    • Use remote commands and turn on the microphone.
    • Record surrounding chats, sounds, and noises.
    • Listen to recorded ambient sounds secretly.
    • Monitor timestamps and dates of surround recordings.

    XnSpy records neat sounds. There is no distortion; it only delivers clean ambient recordings. The remote access spices up this feature and enables spying more convenient.

    Multimedia Monitoring:

    A cell phone multimedia gallery holds many secrets about a person. For example, pictures and videos are graphic proof about someone being an inappropriate activity. XnSpy app enables its users to monitor the media gallery. You can monitor saved and downloaded media files and discover what type of life your target user is living.

    Using the multimedia monitoring feature, you can;

    • View captured, saved, and shared photos.
    • Watch stores video files.
    • Listen to the audio files.
    • Check dates and timestamps of the multimedia files.

    XnSpy records and presents the whole media gallery to you via a cloud-based dashboard. You can spy on all the documents stored on your target device remotely.


    The XnSpy app can actively track keystrokes from the target device keyboard. Whether it is a typed text message or a browsing query, the spyware keylogger feature can record all the keyboard activity under stealth mode.

    Using the XnSpy keylogger, you can;

    • Track IMs activity.
    • Read text messages.
    • Monitor search queries.
    • View dates and timestamps of keyboard activity.

    Keystroke monitoring is a must, especially when you have a growing teenager. Kids search for porn online and get involved in sexting at a very young age. That is why it is essential to track keystrokes using a robust keylogger app like XnSpy.

    App Blocking:

    XnSpy delivers an app monitoring tool that also enables you to block apps that you find unsuitable for the target user. For instance, parents can block apps that contain adult content. In addition, partners can block dating apps, and employers can block apps that their staff use during work hours. The app blocker feature is like a magic wand to help you restrict the digital space of kids.

    Here is what you can do with the XnSpy app blocker;

    • Restrict unwanted apps.
    • Monitor frequently used apps.
    • Remotely block and unblock the apps.
    • Block games containing harmful content.

    The XnSpy app blocker is available for Android devices only. However, as Google Play Store has more precarious apps than iOS App Store, you must block those programs before your kid sees them.

    Live Screenshot Capturing:

    XnSpy live screenshot capturing is a feature everyone would want. Sometimes, we see our kids busy on their cell phones, but unfortunately, we can not snatch phones to see what they are doing. The same is the case for business management; you can’t peek into your staff devices just to view their mobile activities; it’s unethical. But, with the XnSpy app, you can capture live screenshots and see everything happening on your child or employee’s device.

    Here are some actions you can take with the XnSpy screenshot capturing feature;

    • Capture live screenshots remotely.
    • Access the screenshot via the control panel.
    • View dates and timestamps of screenshots taken.
    • Download screenshots to your device.

    The XnSpy app gives you control over your target phone or tablet. You can view live screen activities by capturing screenshots in real-time.

    TheWiSpy vs. XnSpy Features Comparison:

    TheWiSpy and XnSpy offer a variety of exotic features. Both are high-end mobile spy apps with strong tools to monitor Android devices. If you don’t know how to hack an Android phone, these are the spy apps you must try. But, as far as the features list is concerned, some tools are distinctive in these spyware apps.

    Let’s find out.

    XnSpy does not offer live camera spy, while TheWiSpy does.

    TheWiSpy offers an exclusive screen recording feature, whereas the XnSpy screen recording is only confined to IMs tracking.

    Even though XnSpy has fewer features than TheWiSpy, a big twist can increase the XnSpy app demand. And it is iOS compatible. Yes, the XnSpy app supports Android and iOS devices. TheWiSpy is still working on launching iOS-compatible spyware; and soon will gratify its customer with brand-new spyware that supports Apple devices.

    How to Install a Mobile Spy App?

    Every mobile spy app offers distinct installation processes. In the case of TheWiSpy and XnSpy, the installation methods are nearly identical. Note that no mobile spy app is installable with remote access. You require access to the target phone or tablet to configure cell phone spyware on it.

    The installation guides for both TheWiSpy and XnSpy apps are available on their corresponding websites. However, the following section will cover a brief explanation of how you can get these spyware apps on your target phone.

    TheWiSpy Installation:

    Before you purchase TheWiSpy app, make sure you have access to your target device. It means that you must know the device password and get at least five alone minutes with the device you want to monitor. In addition, TheWiSpy app requires you to install the spyware on your target phone or tablet by hand.

    Here is how to get TheWiSpy app:

    • Get the TWS license.
    • Install the TWS app with physical access.
    • Configure the spyware.
    • Open the dashboard and start monitoring.

    Remember that the TWS download link will only be provided to you upon registration by the service provider. You can not find TheWiSpy app on Play Store or install it without the activation key. Once you subscribe to the TWS app, everything, including the download URL, activation key, and account credentials, will be given to you by the service provider.

    XnSpy Installation:

    There are two different installation procedures for XnSpy installation. But the steps, including registration and license purchase, are the same for Android and iOS devices.

    To install XnSpy on an Android phone/tablet, you only need to open the download link on the target device, and it will be redirected to app installation. After that, there are a few permissions to acknowledge, and you are all set with the installation.

    To install the XnSpy app on iOS devices, you must jailbreak it or use the remote monitoring method.

    If you want to avoid jailbreaking your iOS device, then you can take the other route. XnSpy lets you monitor Apple devices without touching them, but the condition is that you must know the iCloud credentials. The story does not end here; you also have to ensure that the target device has enabled iCloud to track all the activities.

    The minute you install XnSpy on either Android or iOS device, you can open your control panel and start monitoring all the digital details.

    Is Your Target Device Compatible with The Spyware You Chose?

    Compatibility is the key to app functionality. If the spy app you choose for your target device does not support it, then all your money will go in vain. There is no need to invest in spyware that does not support the device you wish to monitor.

    Consider it as a tip; always check device compatibility before purchasing any mobile application.

    In this section, we will mention TheWiSpy and XnSpy compatibility, so you can pick the app that fits best with your target device.

    TheWiSpy Supported Devices:

    TheWiSpy app available right now only supports Android devices. The iOS version is yet to be released. However, as per the service providers, TheWiSpy will soon launch iOS monitoring solutions for parental and corporate use.

    The Android edition of TheWiSpy app supports Android OS 4 and above. In addition, it supports all devices by the top Android manufacturers, including Samsung, Oppo, Infinix, Motorola, HTC, LG, etc.

    XnSpy Supported Devices:

    XnSpy supports Android devices with OS 4 version or higher. For iOS, the app supports all Apple devices. But, some iOS devices (6.x to 9.0.2) may require jailbreaking for the proper functioning of the XnSpy app. However, there is an easy option of remote monitoring that works best with all iOS devices. But, of course, you must know the iCloud credentials to get started with it.

    How Much Should a Good Spyware App Cost?

    A reliable spyware app comes with an affordable price and high-end features. Both TheWiSpy and XnSpy are Android spy apps that cost much less than other spyware programs. But, still, there is a slight difference between their pricing.

    Let’s find out.

    TheWiSpy Subscription Plans:

    The set of TheWiSpy app features depends on the subscription you purchase. There are monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual subscriptions. More extended subscription packages cost less collectively. The cherry on top, there is an exclusive 15-days subscription for those who want to spy for a shorter period.

    Here are the details of TheWiSpy subscription packages.

    Starter Edition:

    15-Days Plan: $9.99

    Basic Edition:

    1-Month Plan: $19.99

    3-Month Plan: $49.99

    6-Month Plan: $79.99

    Premium Edition:

    1-Month Plan: $29.99

    3-Month Plan: $59.99

    6-Month Plan: $89.99

    XnSpy Subscription Plans:

    The XnSpy app features also rely on its subscription packages. There are two XnSpy editions; the basic and the premium.

    Instead of offering a semi-annual plan, XnSpy offers yearly packages.

    Let’s find out the details on XnSpy pricing.

    Basic Edition:

    1-Month Plan: $35.99

    3-Month Plan: $59.99

    12-Month Plan: $77.99

    Premium Edition:

    1-Month Plan: $14.99

    3-Month Plan: $77.99

    12-Month Plan: $119.99

    TheWiSpy vs. XnSpy – Pricing Comparison:

    As far as the monthly and quarterly subscriptions of TheWiSpy and XnSpy are concerned, TheWiSpy is much more cost-effective than its competitor app. Whereas, XnSpy yearly subscription, if taken into account, somehow costs less. But the attribute that stands out TheWiSpy app is its special starter package which is available at only $9.99. It is the most affordable price any spyware program could offer.


    Frequently Asked Questions – XnSpy App:

    XnSpy is a high-end cell phone spy program. It can record mobile phone activity and allows its users to monitor digital devices with remote access. Its price starts at only $35.99 per month.

    You can hide the XnSpy icon from the app drawer if you don’t want your target user to know about it.

    XnSpy is the best app to read text messages. XnSpy app enables you to view deleted text messages. In addition, it continuously records text chats and uploads everything on the dashboard.

    XnSpy pricing starts at only $35.99 per month. Its yearly subscription is even more affordable, starting from $6.49 per month. Unfortunately, it offers no free plans.

    You can remove the XnSpy app from your phone by contacting XnSpy support. Or, you can install an anti-malware app to crash the spyware.

    XnSpy app has secured a 3.27-star rating on the most trusted review website known as Sitejabber. Additionally, the XnSpy app has several happy customers who testify to the great functionality of this spyware app.

    No, XnSpy works in stealth mode; and the app icon is hideable. In addition, it functions in the background of the target device, leaving zero chances to get traced.

    Yes, XnSpy can retrieve deleted messages. It immediately transfers each text message (sent or received) to a control panel for monitoring. So even if the chat is deleted from the device, you can still read deleted text messages secretly.

    Upon XnSpy configuration, you will be asked to hide the app icon. Check the option, and you’re good to go.

    XnSpy app has millions of satisfied customers around the globe. It is secure spyware that follows strict data processing policies.

    To install XnSpy, you must get its license first. Then, you can install the app using the spyware download link and activation key provided to you by XnSpy officials.


    Frequently Asked Questions – TheWiSpy App:

    TheWiSpy is the world’s leading parental control and employee monitoring software. It helps people monitor Android devices remotely. You can get it for only $9.99.

    It is very tough to detect TheWiSpy app presence on the target device. It works in incognito mode and continues its operations in the target phone or tablet background.

    TheWiSpy app can recover deleted text messages. It records the text messages immediately as the target device sends or receives them. No matter if a particular text message is deleted, you can still read it from TheWiSpy dashboard.

    TheWiSpy can help you read WhatsApp messages, monitor shared media, and spy on WhatsApp calls remotely. Its screen recorder allows you to read WhatsApp messages remotely.

    Visit TheWiSpy’s website, get the license and install the app on your target device. Unfortunately, there is no way to get TheWiSpy app from another source.

    You can get TheWiSpy app for only $9.99. Its basic plan starts at $19.99. Whereas; you can get a premium subscription for $29.99.

    You can always contact the TWS support team to remove TheWiSpy from your phone.

    TheWiSpy app has a lot of positive reviews on many app review websites. In addition, it has a 4-star rating at Sitejabber testify to the reliability of this Android spy app.

    You can hide the app icon during the configuration process. Once it’s concealed, nobody can detect its working.

    It is impossible to install TheWiSpy or any other spy app remotely. You surely need physical access to the target device to install and configure TheWiSpy app on it.

    TheWiSpy is a top brand for parental monitoring and employee surveillance. It is a legal spy app that protects user data and follows strict policies for data processing.

    TheWiSpy vs. XnSpy – The Final Verdict:

    Although XnSpy offers some extraordinary features, TheWiSpy stands out in this comparison by providing affordable packages, more advanced tools, and powerful performance. However, the yearly XnSpy package is very cost-effective and offers quality features. So, it is tough to pick one from these two great spyware apps.

    We must conclude that TheWiSpy and XnSpy both have some quality sets of features and can completely fulfill your spying needs. Despite that, if you want affordable packages, TheWiSpy is the best pick to opt-in for Android spying.