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TheWiSpy Terms & Conditions

This agreement sets forth legal mandatory terms and conditions for the use of TheWiSpy website. The terms used in this agreement as “we” and “our” refer to TheWiSpy itself whereas “you” refers to the end-user.

The end-user must acknowledge all the mentioned terms and conditions of the use of TheWiSpy app and site. If you do not accept the requirements of this agreement or have any objection regarding our terms and conditions, then you should instantly cease to use the services of TheWiSpy.

All the users need to read our refund terms very carefully. This refund policy explains the customer’s right Certain rules and restrictions may apply.

Termination of Service:

TheWiSpy reserves the right to alter, modify, or update this agreement anytime without prior notice. If we make any changes, a notification regarding the alteration will immediately be posted on our website. The user can continue after acknowledging the updated agreement.

  • TheWiSpy will immediately terminate its services if it finds that;
  • The user is violating any of the clauses of this agreement.
  • The user is breaching the privacy of someone without their consent.
  • The user is being extensively idle regarding TheWiSpy services.
  • The user has not paid the fee to extend TheWiSpy services.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

TheWiSpy offers its services “as is” and “as available” basis. Complying fullest with the applicable laws, TheWiSpy does not make any depictions or warranties of any kind concerning the use or results of services with respect to the accuracy, liability, correctness, or else. TheWiSpy shall not be accountable for any interruptions in the use of the services. TheWiSpy renounces all the warranties with respect to the information provided, comprising the implied warranties of negotiability and fitness for a particular purpose, and counterfeit. Some judiciaries do not permit the exclusion of implicit warranties; therefore, the aforementioned exclusion is to be considered inapplicable.

Limitation of Liability:

TheWiSpy shall not be accountable or liable for any damages or compensation whatsoever. In specific terms, TheWiSpy shall not be liable for any particular, oblique, consequential, or fortuitous damages. TheWiSpy is not accountable for damages for loss of profits, use, or revenue arising as a result of the services, whether such damages arise in contract, negligence, tort, under the ordinance, injustice, at law, or otherwise, even if TheWiSpy has been notified of the chance of such damages.

Compensation or Indemnification:

The user hereby agrees not o indemnify the services of TheWiSpy along with its affiliates in any way; a) From legal accusations along with any emerging fees paid to the attorney for such a condition, b) In the case, the user violates the right of another person or related party, c) Inability to sustain the terms of this agreement.
In the aforementioned cases, if TheWiSpy launches a defence for its cause, the user as per the agreement is liable to offer full support for it.

Rights of TheWiSpy Service:

All the content including trademark, visuals, code, copyrights, etc. are under sole proprietary of TheWiSpy services and its affiliated parties. The end-user is only bound to avail the services of TheWiSpy that are expressively covered in the purchased license and as per the agreement, the end-user must adhere to the mentioned limitations of use.

Modifications and Updates of the Services:

TheWiSpy may alter or modify the terms of service or usability criteria with the passing time. However, any alterations or modifications will be posted on TheWiSpy service website. The users must adhere to the modifications as long as he or she uses TheWiSpy software application.

Data Policy:

By accepting this agreement, the user must acknowledge and allow TheWiSpy to manage and process personal information of the target user as described in our data privacy policy.

Refund Policy:

The user can send us a refund request if they are eligible and cover all the requirements of our refund policy.


The “EULA” or user agreement holds terms and conditions that comply with TheWiSpy company’s regulations. The user must agree to all the terms mentioned in our end user license agreement.