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    Social Media Spy App - TheWiSpy

    Track IMs Chats with the Best Social Media Monitoring Spy

    TheWiSpy social media spy app protects your loved one from the harms of social media by keeping you updated. Get instant visibility of your child's activities on the most popular apps to monitor on social media. Monitor social media activities to stay active on your kid’s digital life. Best social media spy apps for Android include those that provide you with real-time information without any inconvenience. TheWiSpy is the one.

    Social media spy app - TheWiSpy Social media spy app - TheWiSpy

    Access All Social Media Details Within Seconds Remotely

    Social media can be lethal to some people. Your child can go viral for inappropriate reasons. It is wiser to be cautious than to find a cure for depression. With a single click, retrieve chats, posts, pictures, videos, and much more.


    Check streaks and read conversations remotely


    Read chats, view all contacts and their profiles, and look at pictures and videos.


    Check profile, view friend’s list, and read conversations and posts.


    Tread all messages on Instagram messenger and view their profile and timeline.


    Track Viber activities remotely. Read messages and chats.

    Manage and Monitor Through Advanced
    Social Media Monitoring Software

    Track all social media calls

    Track All Social Media Calls

    Detailed call logs are a click away from your online dashboard.

    Read all social media message

    Read All Social Media Messages

    Now read the real-time social media chats anytime, anywhere!

    View all social media multimedia

    View All Social Media Multimedia

    All saved pictures, videos, voice notes, documents, etc., are viewable.

    How to Monitor Social Media
    Through thaws?

    Find out the details in the comprehensive video below.

    90% of our user are totally satisfied


    90% Of Our User Are Totally Satisfied

    Thewispy is rated great based 5,975 reviews

    Thewispy is Rated Great Based on 5,975 Reviews

    How to spy on social media with thewispy

    How to Spy on Social Media With

    With TheWiSpy, you get complete control over the target device to monitor social media. You can easily spy on your kid's social media activity or an employee's work phone with social media monitoring spy.

    • How to spy on social media with thewispyApps to monitor social media invade your privacy; however, TheWiSpy doesn't.
    • How to spy on social media with thewispyYou can restrict those apps' usage when you know what is going on.
    • How to spy on social media with thewispyAll activity reports are sent to you directly in your dashboard.

    Why Do You Need TheWiSpy App to
    Monitor Social Media?

    • why do you need thewispy app to monitor social media Cyber crimes like identity theft mostly take place on social media. TheWiSpy helps monitor your child’s social media to remove any vulnerable information they have shared. Spy on social network of your kids remotely.
    • why do you need thewispy app to monitor social media78% of employers check social media profiles before hiring a candidate. So keep your teen’s social media profiles clean using the best social media spy apps for Android.
    • why do you need thewispy app to monitor social mediaTheWiSpy is the best spy application for monitoring social media activity of your employees. It keeps them disciplined and keeps them from wasting time on social media apps.
    • why do you need thewispy app to monitor social media Parents use spy phone software for social media to monitor their young adults to know if they are engaging in illegal activity or consumption.
    • why do you need thewispy app to monitor social mediaAmong other social media spy apps, TheWiSpy social media spy can reveal if your employee has tipped off an upcoming product or strategy.
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    why do you need thewispy app to monitor social media

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    Compatibility is one of the major factors in selecting your monitoring app. All supported phone brands and models are mentioned in this section.

    Istallation guide

    Installation Guide

    Installation of TheWiSpy is uncomplicated and easy to use. However, all steps are mentioned in this section for the ease of our valuable consumers.

    Dive into faqs

    Dive Into FAQS

    Are more questions popping in your head regarding TheWiSpy? Go ahead and enter this section as it holds multiple frequently asked questions.

    Troubleleshooting guide


    Are you stuck at a point while installing the software? Or do you need any technical assistance? Our troubleshooting guide will help you at every step.

    Connect with customer support

    Connect With Customer

    Get instant access to our competent support team members. They are equipped with complete product knowledge. Click here for an immediate response.

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    TheWiSpy is the easiest and most seasoned app in the market. Know everything about TheWiSpy’s functionality and uses.

    Quick Access and Accurate Results

    Keep your child safe from the clutches of evil cyber criminals. Start monitoring social media of an employee’s office device or a child’s phone at home through TheWiSpy social media spy app. We guarantee the accuracy of the information and quick response of the app.

    3 Easy Steps to Get Started

    Easy steps to get started
    Easy steps to get started

    Register for FREE

    Create a free user account on TheWiSpy website. Set up your TheWiSpy account and get registered.

    Choose Your Favorite Plan

    Opt for a subscription package that matches your needs. Pick from basic, premium, and platinum plans to start monitoring.

    Monitor & Protect

    Once you subscribe, you can log in to TheWiSpy control panel and start using mobile monitoring & parental control features.

    TheWiSpy Is The Most Reliable App -
    We Care About Your Privacy

    We don’t leave our customers hanging in a blank space. TheWiSpy is here at every step for support. Our team guarantees your satisfaction and, at the same time, keeps your data safe and secure.

    Hidden and concealed

    Hidden & Concealed

    100% Trustable

    100% Trustable

    Live chat support

    Live Chat Support

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can spy on Facebook messenger using TheWiSpy app. All you need to do is get the Facebook tracker app subscription and configure the TWS spy app on your target mobile or tablet. Once done, you can spy on Facebook messenger in real-time.
    To spy on Instagram, you need a reliable Instagram tracker, TheWiSpy. You can use TheWiSpy Instagram monitoring app and track Instagram messages in real-time. Just get TheWiSpy Instagram tracking app, and you are all set to monitor Instagram.
    For Snapchat tracking, you need an app to spy on Snapchat, TheWiSpy. It helps you monitor Snapchat and allows you to track Snapchat streaks plus other activities remotely and secretly.