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    Online Shaming & Its Terrible Consequences – A Parental Guide

    Posted in Cyberbullying by Mike

    Online Shaming & Its Terrible Consequences

    When the internet started booming, everyone rushed to grab the opportunity to learn everything about it. Not to mention, it has become a potent interactive tool. But as it brought humanity together, issues like online shaming also emerged from the dark. It has proven to be fatal, and its effects can be long-lasting. It yields terrible consequences that no one can ever imagine.

    The internet is enabling people to come closer. But, likewise, scammers and cyberbullies are also getting their way to reach innocent people. Anonymity is shielding hackers and perpetrators. And the number one target is young kids.

    This article solely focuses on the negative effects, reasons, and consequences of online shaming. Read along to know more.

    Public Shaming and Online Shaming – Are They Same?

    Public shaming is a kind of public humiliation. People did it in the past to punish someone out of their sins or bad cultural behavior. It was a way to dishonor a person in front of everyone. Countless public shaming examples tell the tales of injustice and a part of vigilantism.

    Similarly, an individual or an organization can be a target of online shaming. Social media, blogs, websites, and other online social platforms are used to disgrace them publicly. Online shaming may be due to the retribution of something, revenge, or the personal satisfaction of sick-minded people.

    What is Social Media Shaming?

    Shaming someone on an internet community by an individual or a group of users is a social media shaming definition. It yields as a result of a comment on something the victim has posted online. Parents, in particular, need to know what is shaming someone online and what can be the unpredictable consequences.

    Online shaming is cyberbullying that is done on a wide-reaching social platform. It is usually done by a group of internet users instead of individuals.

    First, one should know that cyberbullying is a crime. Cyberbullies attack and scoff at the victim publicly on the internet for something they have done or said. Attackers may unite from around the world.

    In past public shaming examples, we have seen a group of people ganged up against a victim. As a result, the victim went into depression. Furthermore, some took their lives too. For example, a 12 year old girl in Florida committed suicide due to constant cyberbullying. Since people’s comments are printed online, they stay there forever. A study in 2018 revealed that 59 percent of US teenagers had faced cyberbullying.

    What are the Consequences of Online Shaming?

    Social media shaming is when someone targets a person or an organization on social media for public humiliation. It shatters self-confidence to the point of destroying their lives and careers.

    There are several mental health issues linked with cyberbullying. The online bashing can lead to;

    • Self-hatred
    • Ruining entire reputation
    • Costing someones’ livelihood
    • Even you delete the post, online shaming lasts forever. It is copied and rolled again.
    • The victim can become suicidal
    • People connected with the victims also face the heat
    • Severe forms of depression
    • Isolation from society

    How to Overcome Online Shaming?

    Although it is nearly impossible to know a person who has never faced public humiliation, shaming definitions can vary for people. It is sometimes cultural, ethnic, and regional. Moreover, fierce online shaming can lead to dubious comforting advice. So if your loved one gets caught in the middle of humiliation, what should they do? Here are some soothing tips for the wound.

    • Return stronger than before
    • Learn lesson from it
    • Join a support group
    • Use some physical hobby instead of staying online
    • Don’t reply; rather, ignore.
    • Stay put and don’t hide
    • Rise like a phoenix from the ashes; every fall has some opportunity to cash in on
    • Plan for the future and move on

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    How Do You Respond to Social Shaming?

    You can implement many strategies to overcome the suffering caused by a cyberbully.

    • To start with, respond in kindness instead of lashing back.
    • Don’t fall apart.
    • Don’t cast off yourself.
    • Insulter is waiting for your reaction, don’t fuel them with bitter words.
    • Give concise and clear responses.

    How Can We Stop Online Shaming?

    Everyone today is heavily armed with smartphones and gadgets. This culture of aim and shame takes you to ill fame instantly. It has become a new normal today to defame someone online for enjoyment purposes. We are all flawed, and one “oops moment” cannot and should not define one person’s entire life.

    There are ways to evade the possibility of online shaming.

    • Know your online audience
    • Do self catharsis of your actions
    • Walk away from infuriating conversations
    • There is no privacy in public groups

    Is Online Shaming Illegal?

    Yes, it is illegal, and the attacker may face serious charges. But before we move forward with technicalities. First, let us have a glance at history.

    Prior to internet formulation, ill-speaking publicly was a form of slander. Later the printing press played the role. It led to court filing suits because a printed defamatory had a more extended expiry date. Then came the era of online information and the invention of the internet. The bottomless storage capabilities of the internet libel can be everlasting.

    Suppose you have passed a negative comment in private without the involvement of a 3rd person. You may get away with the law. However, if there is any proof of your false claims and illicit comments, then be ready to find yourself in hot waters.

    People can take legal actions if they have;

    • A witness
    • A documented Email or publication
    • Proof of lost financial position
    • Evidence of lost reputation in the community
    • Proof of loss in intangible things like a destroyed professional career

    What is Cancel Culture?

    The cancel culture is also popularly known as callout culture. The slang term–cancel refers to a breakup from someone. People stop supporting individuals or organizations because something they did or said has upset the people calling out.

    The shaming definition includes the cancel culture. Besides, internet users unite to dishonor someone due to their objectionable action publicly. The films introduced the term-cancel culture. It later evolved on the internet.

    There are many ways to cancel culture. For instance;

    • Pressurizing organizations to withdraw public holdings of an individual.
    • In case business is the target, then boycotting their products.

    The Problems Linked with Cancel Culture:

    • Cancel culture promotes cyberbullying.
    • It can encourage violence
    • Cancel culture does not bring social changes to society
    • It promotes intolerance in the democratic community

    Final Thoughts:

    Your child is lucky if they have not faced public shaming. But it can happen anytime. So it is better to embrace yourself and teach your children about safety tips. Educate your child on what is shaming and what is cancel culture.

    People, especially children, don’t open up to their parents or loved ones easily. Console them that they are not deserted in a mess. People don’t share their stories online because the attacker is often an influential or powerful person.

    People should stand up against those who have publicly humiliated them. But beware, it may backfire as well. Although they were absolutely right, there are stories of victims who were re-victimized in disgusting ways. Be careful, as the stronger your presence online, the more exposed you are to positive and negative feedback


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