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    Is Monitoring Kids Illegal?

    Posted in Parental Control by Julie


    Parents often get anxious about the well-being of their kids when they are not physically around them. Also, late coming teens is another major issue that keeps parents worried.

    To ensure the safety of teens and tweens, parents now use monitoring apps that enable them to know everything about their children, whether they are with them or not. Kid’s monitoring software is getting famous rapidly because of the splendid and advanced features it provides.

    Among parents, there present some people who believe that monitoring kids digitally is an illegal activity as it breaches the child’s privacy.

    Do you think the same?

    Let’s debate on it and see if monitoring your child’s digital and physical activities is illegal or not?

    Child Monitoring – Legal or Illegal:

    Are you a parent worried about your child’s social circle?

    Or, you think that it is unethical to breach your kid’s privacy?

    Parents have the right to monitor every little activity their kid does. Children are innocent if parents don’t let them differentiate between good or bad then who would?

    Parents should communicate with their children and teach them about the harms and dangers of online world and physical as well.

    To check whether your child is acting upon what you taught, you must check on your kids to make sure they are safe. Today, parents can watch their child’s activities with the help of a digital child monitor.

    So yes! It is legal to monitor your child.

    But, under some conditions.

    Let’s find out how parental control is legal.

    • Parents can legally monitor and spy on the digital activities of their underage kids.
    • It is legitimate to monitor tweens and teens.
    • In case your child uses your phone, you can use a kid monitor to restrict and spy on your child’s activities.

    Parents do not have to ask permission from their juveniles for monitoring their digital activities. But if a parent wants to spy on the mobile phone or grownup kid, then the consent of the target device user is necessary. Otherwise, your child has the right to sue you for breaching his/her privacy.

    So, what do you think about starting monitoring the digital activities of your kids?

    But before you decide, do you know how amazingly child monitoring apps can help you?

    If you don’t, then no need to worry. Just continue reading.

    Kids Monitoring Apps – A Legal Way to Keep Eyes on Your Children:

    Child supervision is necessary nowadays.


    There are too many potential dangers wandering in the outside physical and online world. Parents must know the countless threats that can harm their kids. To ensure the child’s safety in the outside world, parents should install an app that can track the kid’s electronic devices such as phones and tablets.

    There are numerous child monitoring apps available that offer high-end mobile and tablet monitoring features. Before discussing the top-ranked kids tracking apps, let’s find out what parents can explore with digital monitoring.

    • Incoming & Outgoing Calls:

    If you are curious about who contacts your kids, then relax. With the help of child tracking software, you can listen to all the inbound and outbound call recordings and find out what your kids talk on their telephonic conversations.

    • Text Messages:

    Kids text all the time. To read the text conversations of your teens, install a child monitoring app in your target device. You can read sent and received messages along with attached media files and contact details.

    • GPS Location:

    Parents can keep eyes on the whereabouts of their kids using a child tracking app. Installing a kids tracking software helps parents to track the real-time location of their teens and tweens with complete location history and pinpoints.

    • Internet History:

    Spying on kids mobile devices helps parents to view all the online activities of teens and tweens including; browsing history, bookmarked web pages, etc.

    • Contacts:

    Mobile tracking apps help parents to find out contact log and hack phone saved contact details of their teen’s phones. Parents can also monitor call logs remotely with kids phone spying software.

    • Media Gallery:

    Multimedia tracking enables parents to spy on all saved pictures, audio and video files of their kids smart device remotely and discreetly.

    • App Usage:

    Parents can use kids monitoring apps to find out how much time their children spend on their digital devices and what apps do they use frequently.

    Top Kids Monitoring Apps in 2021:

    Here is a bonus for you. The following are top-ranked kids monitoring app solutions in 2021.

    • TheWiSpy
    • mSpy
    • MamaBear
    • Norton Family
    • FamiSafe

    Now, let’s discuss the actual advantages parents get by using child tracking apps to ensure the protection of their children.

    Advantages of Child Monitoring Apps:

    Technology has evolved so far that today almost everything is accessible with it. Parents now utilize technology to make sure their teens and tweens are protected even in their physical absence.

    So, here are some dangers that parents can avoid using child tracking and monitoring solutions.

    Bad Social Circle:

    No one wants a bad social company to spoil their kids.  Spoiled friends can make juveniles drink alcohol, bunk school, or do other wrong activities.  Parents who want to overlook such menace should keep eagle eyes on the routine activities of their kids. Digital monitoring helps parents to keep track of the lives of their teens and tweens. By spying on incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, surround recordings, etc. parents can detect if their kids socialize in good or bad company.


    We can not guarantee that every person walking on the streets has good intentions toward kids. Psychopaths and pedophiles may look normal by their appearance, but they can harm juveniles.

    How Location Tracking help to Prevent Kidnapping

    Kidnapping a known term in which people captivate kids for money or other things. Nobody wants that.

    Do you know why?

    The answer is simple! With the increased number of cyber threats, and parents must not leave their kids alone. It’s true that to be with your children all the time is not possible, and remotely tracking their location all the time can be a worthwhile solution.

    Location tracking helps parents to know that their kids are at school or coming back home. Parents can keep their eyes on the live location and location history of their teens and tweens to ensure their protection.


    Bullying is a trouble that the majority of kids experience at school. It damages the personality of tweens and destructs their confidence. In many cases, cyberbullying provoked kids to commit suicide. Yes, it is real.

    Now, because of the increased use of digital devices, kids face cyberbullying via social platforms. To avoid cyberbullying, parents should use child monitoring software to make sure their kids are not facing online threats. 

    Addiction to Adult Content:

    Adult content and dating sites is another self-destructing trouble of the online world. Several games contain dirty graphics to grab the attention of growing teens.

    Pornography is another thing that no parent wants his/her kid to watch. Well, parents can restrict adult webs and games with the help of child monitoring software. Just to put in your knowledge, YouTube offers restriction mode to limit inappropriate videos from kids. Just like it, kid’s monitoring apps enable parents to restrict bad apps and webs from their children.

    Sexual Predators:

    Sexual predators or molesters are all over the internet. As online chatting has made it easy to reach and communicate with someone, sex offenders target juveniles to take advantage of them. It is disturbing but true.

    To protect your children from such trouble makers, you should monitor their online space. Well, nothing can do it better than teen monitoring app. So, gear up and track your child’s digital space.

    Final Thoughts:

    Monitoring children all the time is a necessity because of the increased risk of dangers outside. Parents can legitimately track their kid’s online and offline space to ensure their safety. There are numerous apps available in the market to help parents monitor the activities of their teens and tweens.

    If you are looking for a complete-packaged app for child monitoring, try TheWiSpy and explore the hidden truths of your child’s life.

    So, do you think monitoring kids is a good idea?


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