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    Child Monitoring Made Easy with Kids Monitoring App

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    The world has advanced and so are the child monitoring apps for kids. Mobile phones and tablets are common among children these days. But, unsupervised use of these smart devices is not safe. Smartphones and tablets are a gateway to online threats including sexual predation, cyberbullying, violence, and many others.

    To ensure the online safety of kids, even in the online world, parents must employ cell phone monitoring software in the smart devices of their children.

    Child monitoring apps let parents know every little detail about the digital activity of their kids. With kids monitoring software, parents can listen to call recordings, read SMS, access social media account, track GPS location, and spy on many other activities of the phone of their children.

    Before we explain kid monitoring, let us tell you the reasons to monitor your kids.

    Why You Should Monitor Your Kid’s Phone?

    We are living in the 21st century, in which technology is evolving at a very fast speed. The revolution of the internet has not only made things easier, but it has also brought a threat of cyber dangers in our lives.

    As mentioned above, possessing a mobile device is not strange anymore, among children nowadays. Kids and teens utilize the internet facility for learning or educational purposes.

    But, can you guarantee they won’t get exposed to inappropriate content?

    Are you sure that your kid is using the internet safely?

    Well! Normally, parents don’t bother with the digital space of their kids. Because of which juveniles get targeted by online predators, bullies, and molesters, etc.

    There are a lot of cyber threats in the internet world. Let us tell you how the internet can harm your kids.

    • Online sexual predators seek vulnerable juveniles to prey upon.
    • Kids can get addicted to online games.
    • Violent content can damage your kid’s thinking.
    • Teens can develop an addiction to pornographic content.
    • Kids can befriend strangers and may leak personal information.
    • Teens can indulge in adult sites that may lead to online dating.

    The internet contains unlimited threats. To protect your kids from such online dangers, parents should keep tabs on the online activities of their kids by installing a child monitoring software in the Android devices owned by their children.

    How Child Monitoring App Help Parents?

    Thanks to the advanced technology that has enabled parents to monitor their kids effortlessly. By employing a child phone monitoring software, parents can keep eyes on the mobile activities of their kids.

    An efficient kid’s monitoring app enables parents to;

    Listen to the Incoming & Outgoing Call Recordings

    • Monitor Call Logs
    • Read SMS
    • Track Active GPS Location
    • Geo-Fencing
    • Listen to Surround Recordings
    • Monitor Social Media Accounts
    • Track Location History
    • Read IMs Messages
    • Monitor Browsing history
    • Read Emails
    • WhatsApp Spy
    • Monitor Multimedia
    • Block Inappropriate Apps
    • Remote Access to the Target Device
    • Monitor WiFi Logs
    • And many more…

    Monitoring kids not only ensure safety but also help parents to limit the screen usage of their kids so that they can perform well in academics.

    Wait! Here is more. Allow us to introduce the world’s best kid’s monitoring app – TheWiSpy.

    Let’s explore more about it.

    TheWiSpy – World’s Premium Child Phone Monitoring App:

    Are you worried about your kid’s safety?

    Is it difficult for you to keep tabs on your children due to busy routine?

    Stay calm because TheWiSpy kids monitoring app is here to help you keep track of all the activities of your children.

    TheWiSpy is a complete package offering strong mobile monitoring features. It allows parents to spy on calls, messages, location, multimedia, and many more.

    Here are some exclusive features of TheWiSpy child monitoring software.

    1. Calls and Messages Monitoring:

    TheWiSpy enables parents to listen to every incoming and outgoing call with a call recording feature. Parents can also monitor call logs and find out who contacted their kids and when. Moreover, parents can read sent and received messages of their child’s phone with the date and time stamps.

    2. Location Tracking & Geo-Fencing:

    The location tracking feature of TheWiSpy allows parents to track the active location of cell phones of their kids. Parents can monitor the location history and pinpoint places their child has visited.

    Amazingly, TheWiSpy allows parents to mark safe and danger zones on the map so that whenever their kid breaches the geographical boundary, they will be notified.

    3. Multimedia Monitoring:

    As a parent, you can view all the images, videos, audios, and other media files with kid’s monitoring software. Multimedia helps a lot in kid’s monitoring, you can guess by videos or photos about where your kid has been or what their social activities.

    4. App Blocking:

    App blocking is an ultimate feature of TheWiSpy, allowing parents to block improper apps. You can restrict the use of certain apps without letting your children know. Once blocked, your kids can never access that certain application unless it is unblocked.

    5. Web Filtering:

    Websites are diverse. Online sites can be of any category ranging from learning websites to inappropriate or adult sites. As a parent, you don’t want your kids to be encounter pornographic or improper sites. To save your children from bad content, you can filter websites and block content that you don’t want your kid to see. TheWiSpy allows parents to restrict adult content on YouTube and Google search. It also help them remotely monitor the browsing activities of their children.

    6. Screen Time Control:

    The Screen Time Control feature of TheWiSpy allows parents to keep eyes on the screen usage of their kids. Also, they can restrict mobile or tablet usage by limiting active screen time remotely. So, whenever you think that your kid is spending too much time on mobile devices, you can set time limitations and control their screen usage.

    7. Digital Activity Monitoring:

    Children keep their digital devices with them wherever they go. TheWiSpy offers amazing features to monitor kids. Parents can now listen to the call recordings, read text messages, locate their kids via GPS, view multimedia, monitor social media accounts of their kids, and keep tabs on many other activities remotely and discreetly. The stealth mode of TheWiSpy won’t let kids know that they are being monitored. Being an efficient cell phone monitoring app, TheWiSpy is what every parent needs to monitor their children.

    8. Remote Access to Kid’s Phone or Tablet:

    Parents can’t chase everything their kids do. Physically, it might be impossible but digitally it is not. Despite your location, you can monitor your children anytime anywhere with TheWiSpy kids monitoring app. The app gives you full control of your child’s smart devices and lets you see every digital activity they do.

    So, the above-mentioned were the chief features of TheWiSpy needed for child monitoring.

    But this isn’t enough!

    Let us tell you how to employ TheWiSpy on your child’s phone.

    How to Set up TheWiSpy Kids Monitoring App?

    The installation of TheWiSpy app is like a piece of cake.

    All you need is to follow these steps and you are ready to monitor your kid’s phone.

    Step 1: Buy TheWiSpy Subscription

    Step 2: Install and Set up TheWiSpy in your Kid’s Phone

    Step 3: Open Your Registered Account and Start Monitoring

    Once you install the app in your target device, you will be able to watch every move of your kid remotely.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Stop Worrying & Start Monitoring!

    We understand that monitoring your kids with a daily work routine is quite difficult for parents nowadays. That’s why TheWiSpy offers an exclusive solution to kid monitoring so every parent can watch what their kids were doing without any effort. Do you think you need a child cell phone monitoring app?


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